Bonded Burnishers™ for Electroplate Finishing

A major advantage of our new Bonded Burnishing™ tools is for the metal plating industry. Due to the non-abrasive nature of the new finishing process, little or no material is removed from a plated surface with the new tools, leading to dramatic cost reductions in stock materials, energy used, and in precious metal reclamation.
A tarnished reflector from a decorative brass candelabrum.
The following short video clip shows the same part after having been immersion plated – an extremely thin, weak type of plating – then polished with a burr-shaped Bonded Burnishing™ tool made of Nylon, foam, and fiberglass media. Note the slow speed of the tool, the final finish and the cleanliness of the operation.
The image at the left shows the same Bonded Burnisher™ finished part assembled onto the candelabra arm.