Bonded Burnishing Anti-Abrasive™ Sheets, Films, and Papers

Tools such as disks, belts, and sheets made with Bonded Burnisher™ papers, cloths, and plastic films, provide new ways of finishing with standard machines and hand tools. The new tools produce finishes similar to those created by abrasives – and some entirely new finishes.
A Bonded Burnisher™ sheet made of woven carbon fiber fabric attached to a foam backing.
A Bonded Burnishing™ tool comprised of fiberglass bonded to a foam pad. The ground may be of any useful material.
A detail of the tool comprised of fiberglass bonded to a foam pad.

Unbacked Bonded Burnishing media

The principle of the Bonded Burnisher System™ is the combination of a medium, such as glass spheroids or woven fiberglass, affixed to a ground such as paper or cloth, by a binder such as a resin. But, many Bonded Burnisher™ media possess the tensile strength to act both as medium and ground, resulting in tools such as the following, wherein the woven fiberglass fabric Bonded Burnishing™ medium is consolidated with resin without a separate  ground, the fiberglass operating both as medium and backing.
Using similar processing, a non-woven ManniGlas® sheet, presently used for insulation, is consolidated with a resin binder to produce a Bonded Burnishing™ tool.