Bonded Burnishers™; Cleaning Pads for the Home, Shop and Studio

Bonded Burnishers™ are a welcome addition for general cleaning in the kitchen and workshop. While plastic scrubbers can remove most food waste, and hard, sharp-fibered metal wools can remove more adherent soils, the wools may abrade delicate surfaces. Bonded Burnishers™ combine the smoothness of the plastic scrubbers with the hardness and smoothness of spheroids or fibers of glass, carbon or other hard, smooth materials, to aggressively remove durable waste, while not damaging delicate surfaces.
This image shows a soiled pan edge with a fabric-backed Bonded Burnisher™ cleaning pad, showing the tool’s back side. Note the soil in the red ellipse.
After treatment with the  Bonded Burnishing™ tool, the same area has been cleaned of the burnt food without abrading the metal pan surface.
Another useful home maintenance tool: A chamois cloth with Bonded Burnisher™ media applied to the cloth’s surface. Note that the Bonded Burnisher™ media, made of glass spheroids, is not apparent.
However, this is a photomicrograph of a similar Bonded Burnishing™ tool made of glass spheroids on a cotton fabric ground. The clear, luminescent jewel-like nature of the glass spheroids make Bonded Burnisher™ tools attractive to the consumer.
A sheet of Bonded Burnisher™ tooling wrapped around a sanding block, here used to remove rust on a machine platen, with theBonded Burnisher’s™ working side visible.

Treating oxidized surfaces in this way removes loose oxides such as rust, leaving the surface with a passive, attractive surface more resistant to further oxidation than the surface would be after treatment by abrasives or chemicals, which strip and erode the surface down to the raw, reactive steel.