Projects:Building Envelopes and Anti-Abrasive Surface Finishing

A super-efficient installation system for solar, emergency and conventional structures

A patented, highly efficient system for installing solar shingles, siding, and all other types of protective surfaces on homes, industrial buildings and emergency structures.

Better than abrasives; multiple smooth elements bonded to a ground – novel tools and methods for surface improvement of metals and other materials

A patent-pending technology with novel methods and tools for improving the surfaces of metals and other flowable materials. By using smooth-surfaced tools, such as fibers and spheroids bonded to a ground rather than abrasives, the new tools deform and compress rather than remove material. As a result, the new tools increase surface hardness, density and reflectivity as well as enhancing electrical conductivity, impermeability and corrosion resistance. Benefits of the new tools include economies in production and maintenance, an improved work environment, and reduced costs for energy, stock materials and precious metal reclamation.