Bonded Burnishers for Paint Removal

The following video shows one advantage of Bonded Burnisher™ tools for maintenance and restoration. The tool you will see in this example uses the principles of the Bonded Burnisher™ system applied to an oscillating tool. The tool is being used to remove an aged, deteriorated resinous finish on an Eighteenth Century English wooden flintlock pistol case.
This is another example of the type of Bonded Burnisher™ oscillating tool useful for removing paint and varnish while burnishing the underlying surface.
This image shows the flintlock pistol case before the aged varnish was removed with the Bonded Burnisher™ oscillating tool.
At this image’s lower right, the antique flintlock pistol case has been treated with the Bonded Burnisher™ oscillating tool. The process took only a few minutes.

With Bonded Burnishing™ tools, no liquids are needed, and the underlying surface is not cut away, as is the case with sandpaper or other abrasives. Instead, the original wood surface, with its original color intact, has been improved by burnishing.

In contrast, liquid paint removers, such as Methylene Chloride, use time consuming, dangerous, and dirty materials. With Bonded Burnisher™ tools similar results are achieved  quickly, cleanly and safely.

Surfaces like this can be achieved on metal and other materials, too.

As with abrasive tools, Bonded Burnisher™ tools are mountable by pressure sensitive adhesives, Velcro, and other mechanical means.