Bonded Burnishers™ – New Surfaces

Bonded Burnishers™ produce an entirely new class of finishes that replace current finishes achieved by abrasives in the prior art.

In contrast to the surfaces created by abrasives, Bonded Burnishing™ tools create finishes with minimal stock removal, producing economies in material costs, energy, and worker safety.

For fiber based Bonded Burnisher™ media, controlling the direction of attack based on fabric bias produces a variety of finishes. The following video clip shows the experiment.


Before: A section of raw brass 5 cm ø tube stock bead-blasted at 80psi with #6 glass beads.
After: The same tube section after treatment with carbon fiber based Bonded Burnishing media at a slow 490M/min.


At the image’s lower left is the finish made with abrasives on a Sears Elite stainless steel refrigerator case. On the upper left, upper right, and lower right, you see the manufacture of a finish similar to that on the Sears refrigerator, but produced by a Bonded Burnisher™ prototype tool.

In contrast to the finish now on the refrigerator, the surface produced by the Bonded Burnisher™ has been made with little or no material removed during manufacture, and at considerably lower speeds, making the entire process safer, quieter and more economical. The new finish is cleaner to make, and the final product is denser and smoother, therefore easier to clean.