Bonded Burnishers™ with Polishing Compounds

Standard abrasive polishing compounds are made of abrasive grains in a grease/wax matrix. Employing the Bonded Burnisher™ system, hard spheroids replace the abrasive grains, resulting in a compound that smooths rather than removes. While this does not replace more aggressive abrasive compounds, the Bonded Burnisher™ compounds allow stages of the polishing process to develop surface luster without unnecessary removal of material, and loss of detail.

A photomicrograph of the compound. Note the spheroidal burnishing media and the translucent wax/grease binder:

An approximately 5mm x 5mm photomicrograph of lines scribed in a metal surface, and polished with black rouge compound.

An approximately 8mm x 8mm photomicrograph of lines scribed in a metal surface, and polished with Bonded Burnisher™ compound.

As can be seen in the above parcels, the Bonded Burnisher™ treatment develops luster without destroying, but instead, clarifying the detail.